Our Story

Many of us love candles, but above everything we want to be healthy as well. MOROMA was started when looking for an alternative to the paraffin filled candles on the market. Within recent years, research has shown that paraffin, which is a petroleum wax created from sludge waste, has a toxic nature when burned. So that means when you burn a paraffin candle you are filling your home with toxic chemicals which is harmful to those suffering from allergies or any other respiratory issues. We at MOROMA wouldn't want that around our family, and nor do we want harmful items in your household. 


Our Goal: 

The goal of MOROMA is to produce a 100% natural soy candle with a clean burn, powerful scent throw,  and burn time longevity.

MOROMA aims to create items which can enhance different moods in our customers triggered by our assortment of different aromas.

As we say at MOROMA, Just pick your mood and we at MOROMA have the aroma for you!

MOROMA. Immerse yourself in fragrance.